Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold To The Rescue

We are building the World's First International Volunteer Search and Rescue ThinkCenter

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Mobile computing to the rescue

by the Globe and Mail Newspaper

Rope AccessWhen you are dangling from a helicopter 37 storeys up a skyscraper, using a digital  camera to take pictures of structural problems, an equipment failure is the last thing you need. That’s one of the reasons Ivan Kristoff made an IBM ThinkPad a basic tool in his business, Eiger Rope Access Work Inc, of Toronto…

“Usually, there are things you don’t really want to have to do twice, ” he says. My Thinkpad is not only my contact and database resource, is how I present reports to my clients and how I capture visuals of my assignments. I just download those digital images to my Thinkpad.”

Trained in his native in ropework techniques, mountain climbing and mechanical engineering, Mr. Kristoff has managed to combine all three in his business..

“To examine a difficult-to-access structural problem on the exterior of a high-rise usually means a team of seven men working maybe for a week to rig a moving platform, lower it into place and then examine the problem area,” he explains. “If a property manager or a consulting engineer calls me, I go with my ropes, digital camera and get the job done in a 20th of the time.”

During Toronto’s cold snap in early January, 1997, a pipe burst outside the 37th floor of a downtown high-rise. Huge icicles were forming, some more than a meter long. If there were to start breaking loose, there was a good chance a passerby might be hit by a frozen bolt from the blue. It was an emergency.

“My goodness, it was cold, and the winds were up to 75 kilometers an hour,” Mr. Kristoff recalls. “I lowered myself down by rope and chipped all the icicles away. It was a challenge to keep them from falling.”

It was Mr. Kristoff who got the call form the building’s consulting engineer, he says, because his innovative concepts save time, money and headaches. “Work smarter, not harder, is my motto.”

That approach means he works only 66 days a year. The rest of the time he sky dives, climbs mountains and trains national and international search-and-rescue organizations on a volunteer basic.

“I am a professional and assignments in the most professional way possible. That means using the technology business people expect. I got one of the first IBM ThinkPads and sicen then, I heve had many of the new ThinPad laptops. It’s as much a basic now as my ropes and harness, and camera. I use it to present all my reports. It impresses the clients.

It’s invaluable for storing data bases of contracts you bight ever need in a rescue situation. It may give you that life saving advantage. “For me the ThinkPad is my wallet. I take it wherever I go.”

ThinkPad to the rescue

حقق ارتفاعات جديدة مع وضع المستقبل في الاعتبار

هذا العام سيبدأ A.R.T. مشروع في الإمارات العربية المتحدة وكندا وبلغاريا وحول العالم ، من خلال تصوير فيلم وثائقي للابتكار في مجال الطيران وأعمال الوصول إلى الحبال القصوى ، مع موضوع “تحقيق مرتفعات جديدة مع وضع المستقبل في الاعتبار”. في الأصل ، كان موضوع “تحقيق مرتفعات جديدة” في الفيديو “كان أول إعلان عالمي تقدمه شركة Canon Canada Inc. في كتيب إعلاني من أربع صفحات عني وعن حياتي المبكرة كمهاجر أرضي أريد أن أصبح كنديًا 🙂 كان ذلك في القرن الماضي.

الآن ، في القرن الجديد ، بصفتي كنديًا بلغاري المولد ، سأقوم بتوسيع الإصدار الجديد من هذا الموضوع المذهل “تحقيق مرتفعات جديدة” وأشيد بهذه البلدان ، التي تقدم وتدعم رفاهية طالبي اللجوء السابقين مثل أنا وحتى أدعم A.R.T. المبادرات.

في الحافظة التالية ، سترى كيف توجد في Expo City Dubai فرصة للقيام بـ LIVE أو VR ، أول A.R.T. المنتدى من معظم أماكنه المميزة وفي الهواء.

لذلك ، يمكنني / يمكننا التقاط صور / مقاطع فيديو مذهلة ، أو مجرد رسمها رقميًا ، كما سأفعل على Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold – أول كمبيوتر قابل للطي في العالم ، وإعطاء فرصة للاجئين في بلغاريا ودول أخرى لتحسين حياتهم وتجربتهم البصرية مع الفن وغير ذلك الكثير …. لذلك ، من خلال البث المباشر أو الواقع الافتراضي مع Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold ، ستتمكن من رؤية عالم جديد ومثير ، مع وضع المستقبل في الاعتبار.

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